For Parking Customers

Customer Services

- Driver assistance program
- Onsite Car Cleaning
- Purchase a parking pass

Unit Park's customer service goes beyond providing a courteous and professional interaction between parking lot attendants, and the customers. We focus on making your parking experience hassle free and a pleasure by offering:

Customer services - Driver assistance program

- Free battery boost
- Service calls
- Tow trucks
- Arrange for road side assistance

Customer services - Onsite Car Cleaning

Get a car wash while you park. Another way Unit Park makes parking a pleasure. Unit Park provides parking clients a unique onsite car cleaning option that is quick, hassle free, and environmentally friendly.

Our car cleaning services use only 2 litres of water per car versus a traditional car wash which uses an average of 360 litres. This not only saves water, but provides customers a time saving value added service.

And unlike a traditional car wash, we use a biodegradable cleaning agent that has no negative environmental impact.

Having a Unit Park car wash on your premises does much more than provide a clean car and an unsurpassed convenience. It creates an active, vibrant lot that makes people feel safe, and comfortable.

Unique, safe, convenient and promoting environmental preservation. Car cleaning the Unit Park way.

At Unit Park, we make parking a pleasure!

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