Our Lot Attendants

The parking business is a people-centred business. Through their direct interaction with customers, our lot attendants communicate Unit Park's values. We understand that this interaction is paramount to revenue generation for our clients. This is why we place great emphasis on:

- Hiring
- Orientation and training
- Evaluation

Emphasis is placed on interpersonal and communication skills, appearance, and problem-solving ability.

Orientation and training
We stress to parking lot staff the need to be helpful "beyond the parking lot" by fully familiarizing themselves with their neighbourhood so that they can direct customers to their destination. We also encourage the front line team to be the "eyes and ears" in order to continuously provide the main office with information on traffic as well as suggestions to improve efficiency.

To maintain a high quality of customer service, Unit Park conducts periodic evaluations of both lot attendants as well as the office staff. This reinforces the Unit Park values in the minds of its employees and ensures a well-rounded and high level of service. Unit Park incorporates client and customer feedback to create more effective training, orientation and evaluation programs.

Want to learn more about Unit Park's attendants? Have a question or a comment about them?

Contact: Hope Takis, Supervisor (416) 366-7275 hope@unitpark.ca

At Unit Park, we make parking a pleasure!

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